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Try Diving

First experience for future divers
To truly enjoy your first trip underwater you need a guide you can trust completely.
A competent, well-trained Instructor will teach you everything you need to know. Under his guidance, you will learn all the required skills and become completely comfortable with the equipment you're using during your first underwater adventure.

Program Description
If you have some dive experiences already within the last 6 months , you can join a dive trip and dive with an Instructor.
If you don't have any dive experiences you have to practice in the pool the day before the trip starts.

- Short knowledge/water skills sessions.
- 1 shallow scuba dive in open water, max. 6 meters.
- 1 dive to a max. depth of 12 meters
Lets you experience scuba diving without committing to an entire course.

2 dives at a local reef 5.000 Baht
Basic theory, pool lessons & 2 dives at a local reef 7.000 Baht

Minimum age 10 years

Please send inquiries by email to

Pool practice

Dive with your Instructor

You will have a lot of fun


At the pool

Time to descend

Theoretical exam

You will find the right equipment for beginners in our shop

Open Water Diver Course


Become a fully certified scuba diver...

Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure due to worldwide recognition!

Program Description
5 Knowledge Development sessions.
5 Skills Development sessions in a pool or pool-like conditions.
4 Scuba dives in open water, max. depth 18 meters at a local dive site.

Earns the SSI Open Water Diver certification, enabling you to buy or rent scuba equipment and dive without direct instructor supervision.

For those who have little time to get the Open Water Diver course is recommended to do the SSI Scuba Diver Course – means a half Open Water Diver course with 3 theoretical chapters, 3 sections of pool exercises and 2 open water dives at a max. depth of 12 meters. You will get a certification too.

16.500 Baht

Price includes
- 1 half-day trip to a local reef
- 1 day trip to Similan Island,
- transfer hotel-boat-hotel, lunch, drinking water, 1 towel
- Dive Instructor, diving equipment and
SSI Open Water Diver certification:
- Lifetime online & offline access to digital training materials
- 2-year access to the Digital Divelog on the DiveSSI App
- Digital materials available on 3 devices – online and offline)

Not included
- Marine park fees

You can register on the SSI website via this Link or the QR-Code from ME Diving below to access the educational material.

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Always having fun

Nitrox courses are available directly on board

Advanced Adventurer


Underwater Adventures as you learn new skills

You will have the chance to try out 5 different specialties during the Advanced Adventurer Program. You will complete one open water training dive per specialty in order to get a better understanding for each specialty area.

You can choose to complete all or just a few of your selected specialties later through a Specialty Course by completing the second dive and finishing all academic requirements. Choose your preferred Specialty areas and continue your adventure right after your Open Water Diver Program!

Program Description
Theory in self-study.
5 dives from the Specialty program.
Emphasis on learning during actual open water dives.
Each dive credited toward corresponding Specialty Diver program.
Develops skills in and introduces you to deep diving & underwater navigation (obligatory) and three from eight specialty dives which you and your instructor choose.

You can choose from the following list of Specialties
Perfect Buoyancy*
Deep Diving*
Wreck Diving*
Photo and Video
Search and Recovery
Boat Diving*
Waves, Tides and Currents
Enriched Air Nitrox
Coral Identification
Fish Identification
Marine Ecology / Underwater Naturalist
Sea Turtle Ecology
Shark Ecology

* Minimum Age: 12 years (Deep 15 years).

You can register on the SSI website via this Link or the QR-Code from ME Diving below to access the educational material.

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Wound supply



CardioPulmonary Resuscitation CPR

React Right


Apply First Aid

Apply First Aid is the minimum requirement for those wishing to enter the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue program and is also very helpful for those wishing to increase their knowledge and skill level in first aid both in the workplace & at home. This program incorporates the first two levels of Respond Right; Basic Emergency Life Support & Fist Aid & Perform CPR.

Practical skills presented and evaluated in the "Apply First Aid" program are
- Primary & Secondary Assessments
- Emergency Action Planning
- Bleeding Traumas
- Shock
- Bites, Stings & Envenomation
- Head & Eye Injuries
- Fractures & Soft Tissue Injuries
- Thermal Trauma
- O2 provider (optional + 3.000 THB, duration ½ day)

The course is designed to train and educate the general diving public in the techniques of using oxygen as first aid for a suspected dive injury. In addition, this course will introduce novice divers to the fundamentals of recognizing diving injury warning signs, response and management. This program also provides an excellent opportunity for experienced divers and instructors to continue their education.

Prior to the first class you will need the O2 Provider manual. In addition, a pocket mask is required (available from our staff for purchase).


Practice in the pool

Practice on the beach

Practice in the sea

We have fun, even with serious courses

Diver Stress and Rescue


Prevent and manage dive-related accidents and problems.

In the driver's license for the car, first, the first aid course will be completed and then visited the driving school. When diving, once the diving is learned and then dived.

But what if there is something wrong with the dive partner?
When a diver gets stressed underwater?
If someone swallows water or has water in the mask and shoots at the surface?
Or someone on the surface is too exhausted to swim back to the boat or shore?

There are many minor stress situations that can be dealt with immediately and correctly before the stress starts to panic. But that has to be practiced and played through.
There is the Dive Stress and Rescue program! This is the level to which every responsible scuba diver should continue his education.

Here, for the first time, the student's attention is fully focused on the diver and preventing, detecting and solving problems above and below water.

The course lasts about two to four days and includes both theoretical and practical training sessions in the pool and open water. Certification requires proof of CPR training within the last two years.

Program description
Diving stress - reasons & avoidance
Recognition & Stress Management
Disaster Management
Rescue exercises
Conditions that make rescue more difficult